Dream Passed Away on July 19, 2013


12/8/2007. Dream with her National Obedience Championship ribbon. Photo by Chris Anderson.

12/8/2007. Dream with her National Obedience Championship ribbon. Photo by Chris Anderson.

As hard as it is for me to write at this time, word about Dream’s passing is spreading fast, so I will give it a try:

We lost the best dog in the world (that lived in the Anderson’s house) on Friday night. Dream was more than just a great Obedience dog. Dream taught my whole family how to dream, when dreaming seemed impossible. I needed her as much as she needed me.

It is hard to believe, but Dream did things her way and I seemed to be along for the ride, and it was a great ride. Dream had a let’s do it – life is good attitude; she loved the moving stand in the obedience ring most because this was the time someone would pet her! She would stand tall and bring her head way back to watch the judge go over her. I was asked many times by spectators “why do you let her bring her head so far back to watch the judge?” “Let her! Dream is doing it her way – there are no points off for watching the judge, and Dream knows that.”  Of course there are points off when Dream knew the moving stand was next and she had to have her happy feet on! She tried to cover up the forge by bringing her head way back over her back. The judge would say “she is forged a little,” I would say “you think?” Dream is probably best remembered at a show by her warm up, lying on her back just moments before going into the ring, getting a doggy massage and playing with her toy.

At home Dream had an innate ability to know how you were feeling. If you were down she would come up and rest her head on your legs. She would not move she would just sit there and rest her head. If you made eye contact she would not move her head, but her tail would wag, you looked away the tail would stop, you looked back and it would wag again and bring a smile to your face. Once you smiled she would lift her head and be happy. Dream got me through so many things in the last 10 years, deaths in the family, two teenage boys through high school, severe migraine attacks, and all the bad things that life can bring. I thought she came to me at the wrong time in my life, but it was the opposite, she came at the right time.

Dream loved her friends and she had many. Please take a moment to write in the comment box at the bottom of this page. That way I can read it later when I can see between the tears. You can write as little, or as much as you would like. I really would like to hear your memories of Dream. Anyone who wants to write is encouraged to do so, so you may pass this message along if you would like. Christopher set up the Dream page, and he was the first to write his memories of Dream. Once you are on the Dream page, take a look at the link to the pictures as this tells Dream’s life very well without words.

Dream’s death was a complete surprise to us, we had no warning that there was anything wrong with her. We were in a parking lot late Friday night after a show when she started to wobble and went to the ground in my arms. Without going into more detail I know there was nothing we could do to save her, so Billy and I held her until she was gone.

– Dee Dee

A summary of Dream’s accomplishments can be found here.

Please share your memories of Dream by leaving a comment in the box at the bottom of this page. There is no need to register, but you can if you want to.

150 thoughts on “Dream Passed Away on July 19, 2013

  1. chris Post author

    I grew up in a house full of dogs, but Dream was the first dog I was ever close to. When she was less than six weeks old, I thought she was too bossy to the other puppies in her litter. She would climb on top of the cardboard box we gave them to play with and let all the other puppies know it was hers. But for some reason mom wanted to keep her over all the other puppies even though she had big ears and a white paw.

    I was in high school when she was a puppy, and every day after school I hung out with her in her outdoor run or her kennel in the garage (this was back before Bunny broke the “you have to have an OTCH to sleep in the house rule”). Sometimes I would go out and see her before I went to bed, and after doing that for a while, she started falling asleep on my lap. I’d never had a dog be that loving before.

    I didn’t want to forget what she was like as a puppy because I knew she wouldn’t stay that way very long, so I started taking photos of her, first with my 35mm camera, then my brother’s digital camera, then my own digital camera when I got one for my birthday in 2004, and I kept at it for 10 years, up until the week she died where I have a photo of her surrounded by ribbons from another weekend of winning just about everything. I took so many photos of her at dog shows that mom had to train her specifically not to get distracted by my shutter clicks. When we took portraits of her she used to pose just long enough for me to take one shot, as if she knew what the shutter sound meant and couldn’t understand why I needed more than one photo.

    When I came home from school or hadn’t seen her in a while, she would greet me with “happy noises,” something she passed on to her first puppy, Sliver. The amount of noises would always be proportional to how long I’d been away and sometimes there would be so many of them it was hard to believe they were coming from one dog. Everything about her was happy. She had “happy feet” when she heeled in the obedience ring, and she had a visible smile after I gave her a doggy massage after a long weekend of showing.

    I called her Pie Pie because she was a “sweetie pie.” Somehow that became Dream Pie, then Cow Pie, then Moo Moo, but Pie Pie always seemed fitting. My parents started calling her Momma sometime after her second litter, so more recently I started calling her Momma Pie.
    She was perfectly healthy and I never would have thought she wouldn’t be around to see her little Sliver have a litter of puppies. It doesn’t feel like she’s really gone.

  2. Michelle Mingus and Tule

    I can only say that I could see that she really was a Dream dog, and I am so sorry for your loss.
    Many people will have good memory’s of her, and you in the ring and knowing that this was an event inspiring to watch. She was obviously Grand.

  3. Christy Thomas

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Dream or watching her show in person. I watched some of the videos and followed her very successful career since she won the Invitational. What an incredible girl she must have been, so many HIT, so many accomplishments. You could tell by just looking at her pictures that she was so much more than the titles she earned. My thoughts go out to each of you who were owned by her. You sure were blessed! She will live on in your heart forever!

  4. Pauline Hosenfeld

    My memory of Dream is from the NOI – watching you two in the ring and together outside the ring brought one word to mind “perfection” as is perfect love, perfect team, perfect joy in being in the ring together. I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. Mary Graf

    Thanks for telling me of Dream’s passing. I may not have know her very well but your accomplishments together and special relationship are an inspiration to me as I work and live with Quinsea and Mayzee. Cherished memories never pass away. I hope that thought helps during this difficult time and forever for you, Billy, Christopher and Kevin.

  6. Katie McCormick

    Dream was truly one of the greats, in her accomplishments and abilities, but most of all in her beautiful spirit. I will cherish the many times I’ve had the privilege of watching Dream and Dee Dee in the obedience ring. There was such an ease, quiet intimacy, and affection in the way they worked together.

  7. Sandy Spinale

    After reading your recount of Dream as a soul mate, I say thank God for bringing her into your life. Too be so loved is a gift, you and she shared the gift.
    thinking of you, Sandy Spinale

  8. Shayne Gurry

    She was a legend in time…a dog for the record books. When I had time at trials waiting for our turn or in between runs, I’d try to watch you and Dream if you were in the ring…always breathtaking and it gave me something to strive for. I’d send my students the Youtube videos of you and Dream and tell them “this is what we ultimately want!” and they were always in awe of how perfect you were as a team. I think my favorite memories, though, were of when I’d see her leaving a trial, head held high, with the HIT ribbon or HIC ribbon in her mouth, carrying it proudly. I know there are no words that can even come close to describing how painful it is…I will just say that my heart is with you at this time. There is another shining star in the sky tonight.

  9. Joanne Faist

    I enjoyed watching Dream in the obedience ring and she was amazing. She made me want to work harder on training with my girls. She was absolutely amazing.

  10. Anita Aborn

    Dream’s finishes said it all about the relationship between Dream and Dee Dee— Dream would march proudly around Dee Dee head held high gazing adoringly at her special person until she got to perfect heel position and would then stare up at Dee Dee waiting to be told she was “perrrfect.” And she was.

    Dream sitting with deep, soulful eyes hoping a piece of cheese would levitate into her mouth.

    The regal prance while heeling in perfect harmony with Dee Dee. The embodiment of utmost willingness and what we all strive for now that we have witnessed it time and time again.

    Dream, the queen of the realm, justifiably so, by showing everyone how it is done, being the best dog at just the right time, and why she will always be a dream come true. We will miss you Dreamie Pie!


  11. Juli Haugen

    Dream….your name said it all. You inspired others that met you to “dream” too. I met you for the first time at a Dee Dee seminar when I was such a “newbie” to obedience. I think you were maybe a year and a half or two at the time. I got to see you show and shine so golden. You showed me what it meant to be a team with your soul mate, Dee Dee. I will always remember you as “THE DREAM TEAM”. I feel so priveledged to have known you and watch you blossom and become the utlimate ham at the shows. We were your public, adoring and proud. One of my best memories, there are SO many, was of you at the Mensona trial where you took off with Dee Dee in the moving stand and we watched you sprout wings with that special dance only you could do, still don’t know how you stuck the stand! The times that you were stationed next to my Holly for groups and you two would glance over at each other as if to say “well, here we are again”….I use to tell Holly to try to absorb some of the golden vibes that eminated from you!….I feel so fortunate to have been able to see you last weekend at the Del Monte shows, to sit and talk to you, watch you win yet again. My last memory of you will be you scoping out the treats that Sue left on her table and you in a flash, diving over on the table and scarfing them up! Rest softly big girl, we will always remember you…..

  12. Sandy Svendsen

    Dee Dee I am deeply sorry for your unexpected loss of your beautiful Dream. Torie is in tears and happy that she got to play with Dream one last time on July 15th. She remembers playing with Dream, petting her, walking on all fours as if she were a dog with Dream, sweeping up Dream’s hair, and getting it off her blouse most fondly. So glad Billy was there with you to help when she passed. Dream was beautiful, I loved watching her work. She was born to compete and she was stellar. I’m happy I got to see her compete in Carmel. One of my favorite things was watching you and Dream in the ring. I wish I could have kissed her good bye.

  13. Janet Bennett

    Ten years ago I was in the process of moving back to Ca from NV. I wasn’t able visit with
    Dream and her littermates until sometime after they all went to their new homes. I will never forget the first time I saw this 10wk old puppy heeling with DeeDee in a parking lot in San Mateo. She never once took her eyes of DeeDee and had already developed the neck “thing”. They were meant for each other. She was truly a Dream!
    A couple of years later we all were training at Jones Lake and Dream loved her birds so much that she thought she should always keep them for herself. The discussions DeeDee and Dream over this situation were priceless. But in the end Dream’s love for DeeDee surpassed her desire to have her very own birds.
    There are so many more memories! My last memory of Dream was from this past Wednesday. She came over for a swim, and fresh green beans. Of course she also snacked on some old chips she found hiding in the van!
    I will miss her and her Labrador friends will miss her too!
    Thank you DeeDee for sharing Dream with all off us. My heart breaks for you. I love you…

  14. Judie Howard

    I can’t even imagine how many times I have competed against Dream with different dogs. She was always happy and Dee Dee was always a clean handler and good sport. I loved watching Dream during the Moving Stand because I’m sure that was her favorite exercise–“Somebody is petting me!” She never took her eyes off Dee Dee during the heeling, always with her head up and her feet prancing.

    When I first heard about Dream’s death, I didn’t know that Billy was there, too, and was so worried about Dee Dee going through that alone. Now I know that they were both with Dream and got to say goodbye to her together, which is as it should be. She was a wonderful, willing and very sweet doggy and I will miss seeing her in the ring.

    I often asked Dee Dee “Does Dream remember me?” (because Dream had so many fans) and Dee Dee always said “She always remembers her friends.” I hope that I was one of them, because I surely was one of her biggest fans. I will miss her very sweet face and her happy face.

    Judie Howard

  15. Jan Naylor

    So sorry to hear of Dream’s passing. I always loved to watch her heeling. She gave you so much & asked for so little.

  16. Karen Thompson

    The first time I saw Dream was at a seminar Dee Dee did in Minnesota. I was totally captivated by the incredible bond of mutual admiration, respect, trust, and love between the two of them. It was indeed a beautiful thing to behold. Dream was obviously such a kind and gentle soul. A friend sent me a video of DeeDee and Dream at the NOI a few weeks later– that video became the standard of perfection for me. It became my driving inspiration and I still carry that picture with me every time I walk into a show ring. I have since had the priveledge to watch DeeDee and Dream at several NOI’s and again, the picture of perfection prevailed.
    I am so very sorry for your loss. The world has lost the most amazing obedience dog ever to grace a show ring, but Dream’s family has lost so much more. Dream has, however, left an enduring legacy that will live on infinitely–she has, and will continue to inspire future generations of aspiring obedience handlers with her vision of grace, kindness, perfection, and love. Godspeed Dream, I’m sure you are very happy as a beautiful angel now– watching and guiding your family from above.

  17. Terry Barnes

    Dream was the true ambassador of upmost enjoyment and willingness. Watching Dream and Dee Dee work together was breathtaking. She taught us all to dream big! When we were at shows and set up together, Dee Dee and I used to joke about how Dream would tell Rival not to be naughty when she was sitting next to her. Rival always seemed to listen to her too as she did behave on those occasions! Dream, you were the one that was in charge! Dream was a very special one and we are all richer for knowing her. Thank you Dee Dee for sharing Dream with us! We love you Dreamy Pie!!!

  18. Sharon Hall

    Such a girl, such a gift. I remember the first time I saw her at a seminar Dee Dee led. I knew she was a great obedience dog, and expected to see a serious, very controlled dog. Not hardly…instead, I saw this happy Golden grabbing toys and delivering them to people in the audience just for the fun of it.
    I was always impressed watching her in the ring…not only at her perfection, but at her just plain joyfulness. My favorite memory of her, however, was at Dee Dee’s recent birthday party, where she just could *not* wait to help open the presents. My thoughts are with her family tonight. It’s never,ever long enough.

  19. Ron and Patty

    One in a million – loved and truly respected by all. Loving memories keep Dream’s spirit alive and with us always.

    Ron and Patty Simmons

    1. Maureen Zynel

      I never knew you or Dream, but I have also lost the one dog who saw me thru the toughest times of my life. I named her Hope because that is what I needed most at that time. She is still the dog I talk about and who holds a very special place in my heart. Sorry for your loss. Maureen
      OM uDX

  20. Patty Lundquist

    I first saw Dream on YouTube winning the NOI. I saw that incredible joyful attitude and the obvious love between her and Dee Dee, and said to myself, “That is what I aim for!” She was an inspiration to so many, and the partnership she had with Dee Dee was incredible. She will live on through so many amazing memories, and through her puppies and grand puppies. We will always love Dream, and strive to live up to her standard of excellence.

  21. Debbie

    A friend that has the ability to help us through the darkest times in our lives in a great and special treasure. Your time with Dream may have been cut short but she will always have her head resting on your legs with a tail wag meant for only you.

    Debbie McCall

  22. Linda Hause

    I have only judged two 200 performances in 20 years of judging and Dream was one of them. It was my pleasure and privilege to have DD and Dream in my ring many times but her 200 performance will always be my vision of her. There was not a single misstep or deviation from correct position on any exercise but the frosting on the cake was her excellent attitude and awesome bond with DD. She was a special dog with an amazing consistency when she performed. RIP Dream.

  23. JIll Brown

    I saw you competing at the 2008 NOI in California. She was a joy to watch, and wow, she loved to heel! On articles, I remember her hunting and hunting and not giving up, but unable to find her article. You had to call her to you out of the pile because she wouldn’t give up. It was one of the most touching things I have ever seen when you knelt down, told her what a good girl she was, and kissed her on the head. You could tell she was disappointed until you did that, but all was good again in her universe after that. What a relationship you had. So sad for you.

  24. Manuela Entrekin

    I am heart broken for you and in shock.
    She was such a wonderful sweet soul and she adored, loved you with all her being.
    The NOI video and others on youtube show an amazing bond and always made me shiver
    watching. The same when I was able to see you two perform in person.
    I feel honored to have been able to pet her at the recent CC seminar.
    With tears and a heavy heart, RIP sweet Dream.

  25. Carla Cunningham, JJ & Brix

    I watched Dee Dee and Dream from the sidelines, many a times, just to get a glimpse of the dog that was as near as perfect as they come. What always amazed me was the connection you two had. She always had a perky bounce and you know she was having the time of her life. Know that the rainbow bridge is a better place and my Sami is the official greeter, so I am sure they are laughing together. RIP sweet, special girl. You were not only a great competitor, you were a greater dog.

  26. Steve Southard

    My favorite memories of Dream were her shenanigans before going into the ring – rolling around on the grass and acting like a total goofball. Then she would get up, walk into the ring and knock it out of the park. Such an amazing girl and the bond she and Dee Dee had was so palpable.

    1. Jocko Rusher

      RIP you Sweet doggie! I didn’t know you but now I do! I’m 64 now and have had dogs was 5-Lady and the Tramp plus I’m Scottish so have had Scotty dogs most of my life. We lost Taylor-a 17 year old Cocker Spaniel last December! It is a tough spell to deal with!

  27. Bea Moore

    Dream was indeed a very special dog and she certainly did enjoy performing in the ring. I’ve judged Dee Dee & Dream several times and I was able to see a perfect performance last year.. It was a beautiful performance. I’ll always remember Dream. Dee Dee, you did good 🙂

      1. mudimary

        I haven’t been around the obedience ring for very long but watching you and Dream work together gave me a snap shot of what perfection looks like. There was a workshop at the SJDTC in 2012 where I really got to watch the communication, the give and take, between the two of you. It was as if there was no one else in the world, let alone the building, but the two of you. Dream was totally committed to you and you to her.

  28. Dana Freebury

    Memories of Dream:

    Her length of neck as a puppy.

    How beautiful she looked on Friday.

    Teaching Fionna to swim at Jones Lake, and being the pick up girl for all the bumpers Fionna left in the water.

    Untangling herself from that cable at Jones Lake, while you, Dee Dee, calmly watched from shore. (I was sure she was going to drown). Dream was in such control.

    Her incredible “high gear” in heeling- happier she was, higher she seemed to prance.

    Her absolute joy in living and being yours.

    Her heart, soul, and devotion to anything that was asked of her. Truly your soul mate dog, Dee Dee, and the bond you two had, and shared, will be remembered by many for eternity.

  29. Nancy Murillo

    I have always enjoyed watching Dream and you “dance” your beautiful routines in the show ring … especially at the NorCal Cluster shows in Gridley last June. What joy you both showed in being together; what bounce and brilliance she radiated. A golden star!
    I will always remember the time I watched her at the CCA … she walked into the room as the reigning queen, free stacked like a bench champion, and owned the floor.
    Her name was truly prophetic …

  30. Ann Begun

    My two favorite memories of Dream…the first was when she was a puppy and Dee Dee was trying to decide exactly what her registered name would be. We talked about it one day and I remember thinking afterwards that it was a very lofty name. And, of course, she MORE than lived up to it. My other favorite memory was how when I’d see Dream and patted my waist she would jump up on me and say hello. But she did it in a very special way. Dream would put her paws on me so that there was no pressure or any of her weight. I don’t know how she did it, but it happened over and over again.. I normally hate having dogs jump up on me and always, always, always discourage it. So I’m not sure how this ever started with Dream, but she and Sliv were/are the only dogs I have ever let do this (including my own dogs). I always liked to think Dream knew this was something special and did her absolute best to be a very good dog. Yes, Dream was an amazing obedience and performance dog, and I never grew tired of seeing her perform in the ring. And I have watched Dream’s / Dee Dee’s / Billy’s “Under Pressure” of the 2007 NOC video on YouTube countless times. But it was Dream’s sweetness and gentleness that I will always remember about this wonderful, one-in-a-hundred-trillion dog.

  31. Jennifer Masterson

    My heartfelt condolences to the Anderson family on the loss of their beloved Dream. She was a once in a lifetime dog, and a thrill to watch. Thank you Dee Dee and Billy for sharing her with all of us.

  32. Rita Jensen

    Oh Dear! It is impossible to describe the sadness we feel in losing our best friend but losing Dream is like the passing of an era. Dream was a special dog. Every time I watched her in the ring it made me realize why I love obedience. The perfect combination of happy and good training. She loved being in the ring with DeeDee. You could see her raise her head and prance with pride when she heard “forward”. And what a great example for all dogs around her. When we came for a lesson, she would wait patiently, sometimes with a toy in her mouth for someone to please pet her and when you did, her whole body with wag with delight.
    I am so sorry for this loss. I can’t imagine going to a show and not being able to see you two in the ring together, showing us all how it’s done. Just last week at Carmel, I was talking to a man who knew nothing about obedience and I told him to wait around a bit so he could see Dream in the ring and see what a very special dog and handler team looked like. Very Special indeed!

  33. James Hamilton

    As Dream knew how to behave in all circumstances , she also knew how to show – -I thing one special factor was she knew how to love .I miss her already.Just knowing shes not snoozing in De-De’s travel van at Gram-pa’s house during her many trips to Canyon Road where we all meant so many times,A worldly gal,short lived .Love, Jr Hamilton

  34. Kerry Allison

    What a special dog, and an outstanding team! Your winning record in the ring is amazing. Your connection and love for each other, handler and dog, will live on forever in your heart. My heartfelt condolences for you and your family on the loss of Dream, one special dog!

  35. Jim Groenke

    The Dream I knew best was that of beloved family member. The word “pet” doesn’t enter into the equation when speaking about Dream as it just doesn’t adequately describe what she really was. I was lucky enough to see her grow from puppyhood to the beautiful, talented yet unassuming Super Dog in the Obedience ring she was. DeeDee describes it best when she says Dream “did it her way”. That is so true! Even though I’ve seen most of Dream’s in-ring work on video and not in person, I can still feel the lump in my throat, and the adrenaline rush when watching Dream compete. Focused, all-business, yet joyful and grateful to be working with “her” human, it was as if she was welded to DeeDee’s side, they both knew what each other was thinking, and there was never a mis-step. The most wonderful moment for me in watching Dream in the ring was when she’d break out into that happy prance (her “happy feet”) while healing at DeeDee’s side, which said “Hey! I’m doing great, I’m making my soul-mate happy, and I’m happy about that!” That for me, is when the eyes welled up. Today, sadly, they are welling up for the most absolutely worst of reasons. Our canine companions are never here with us long enough, but some are taken before their time.

    But Dream left her mark on another person in the family who was so very fortunate to grow up right along side of her. Dream was what I would call Christopher’s “Heart Dog”. Dream helped Christopher to be the accomplished photographer that he is today. I remember all the photos that were taken, Dream being the primary “study” of the budding photographer. You could feel the love and joy that reached out to you from the photographs. Dream was a
    willing subject, again, because she knew she was doing for someone she loved dearly and wanted to please.
    I marvelled at all the photos that Christopher took that showed the boundless love and connection which flowed both ways.

    I know too that Billy and Kevin both felt the love and in was reciprocated without measure. Billy and I have been friends since High School, and because of this special friendship I’ve seen a virtual parade of wonderfully accomplished and remarkable dogs pass through his family – from Nugget onwards. But I know that Dream was the special one.
    Whenever I would come over to visit, I’d make a bee-line for the dog’s area and Dream would greet me making the happy noises that Christopher has described. She’d just present that loving face and she’d receive the obligatory ear massage with even more happy noises. Dream was friends with everybody! She touched the lives of everbody who met her or saw her work. The response and outpouring of memories well-wishes and condolences on this blog is testimony to that.

    I shall miss you dear, dear Dream, but will never forget you.To Billy, DeeDee, Christopher and Kevin – the best I can offer is for you all to dwell on the happy times and memories to help ease the sadness of her loss. She had the best life possible because that is what you all gave her.

  36. shirleybuckle

    Shirley Buckle

    To both Dee Dee and Billy, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful Dream. I have only recently met the three of you and can say that the loving bond there was very evident. I too, loved watching Dream in the ring working with you Dee Dee. I don’t know if you remember telling me on Friday when I asked how you both did. Your reply was we were a bit slow today.
    May this beautiful dog always walk by your side and remain in your heart forever.

  37. Gina Hemphill

    Dream was more than a great obedience dog, although great obedience dog under estimates her talents for the obedience ring. Everyone watched Dream in the ring, it was hard not to.
    I was there for her great win at the Invitational. Such a great day for both of you.
    But, Dee Dee, there was more to this than obedience. She was your team mate and most important your soul mate. Great teams can be trained, then there is a special team, because the dog is so in touch with the owner and that describes Dream.
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    Tonight, look at the shinning stars one of them will be Dream’s bright light always looking down at you.

  38. Judy Cummings

    I am so saddened to learn of Dream’s passing. Such a loss, not just to her local admirers, but to the entire obedience community. Dee Dee and Dream have had that connection we all hope for with our own dogs, and watching them step into the ring has always been a moment to stop and marvel at their closeness, the beauty of their teamwork. I can’t imagine not seeing them together again, and my heart goes out to the Anderson family.

  39. Helen Smith

    It is through tears myself that I think of how hard this must be for Dee Dee and Billy and family. Being the obedience statician, I am always amazed at the record Dee Dee and Dream were making. The High in Trials and High Combines and the 200’s!!! It is a record that will stand through time. When I met them in person at the NOIs each year I could truly see the bond between the two and the reason. What fun to watch and an inspiration to me! Thinking of you! She will be missed but ALWAYS remembered!!!

  40. Marjorie trebino

    Dream what a wonderful dog! I think she was one dog that truly loved to be with her human but also loved life and all things in it. I will miss seeing her in the ring. Margie

  41. Kathryn Miele

    Such sad news. Team Dream was a joy to watch in, and outside of, the ring. Dream was an ambassador for the sport of obedience, and I for one am so grateful to have had the opportunity to watch the Dream Team perform throughout Northern CA. Thank you Dee Dee and Billy for sharing your remarkable dog with all of us! She obviously loved her Mom & Dad!! Dream will be sorely missed for a very long time. May God wrap you in His loving arms as you mourn the loss of your sweet girl….

  42. Louise

    Where to start with my memories of Dream? I was there when Dream was born, but of course none of us knew then that she would be the puppy Dee Dee would keep or what she would go on to become. I can’t remember how old Dream was, only that she was very young, when Dee Dee first asked me to watch Dream’s heeling. All of Dee Dee’s dogs have had enthusiastic heeling, but this was in a separate class! Of course, the happy prancing heeling became one of Dream’s hallmarks.

    Then there was the discovery of the neck position for the moving stand. Although I’d never seen anything like it, (how could she possibly throw her head back that far and hold her stacked position?), I truly thought she would grow out of it — that it was just a young dog thing! I’m so glad she didn’t grow out of it!

    One time I was stewarding in Utility at a SF show. I had put out the articles, which as usual Dream nailed, and was bending down at the pile picking up the articles. All of a sudden I feel Dreamie’s nose on me. I knew better than to look at her. Of course once Dee Dee quietly patted her leg and called to her Dreamie went right to her. Afterwards Dee Dee and I laughed as we imagined Dream’s thoughts: “Okay walking over to Mom now. Oh, there’s one of my peep’s picking up the articles. Hey, that’s Louise. Hi Louise!! What are you doing in the ring with us?!” I will never forget that. Dream just made you feel special.

    I was in the grocery store when Dee Dee called to tell me she won the NOI. Dee Dee said “We did it. We won.” I started crying right there in the super market aisle. You could just hear the joy and love in Dee Dee’s voice for what Dream had just given her and vice versa.

    Then there was Dream’s relationship with Christopher. I’d been hanging out with Chris since he was about 6. He always liked the dogs but he never played with them like Kevin did, you know, rolling around in the mud with them stuff like that. Dream was different. As you can read in Chris and Jim G’s comments Chris and Dream had a special relationship. In fact, I would say next to Dee Dee, Chris was her person. It sounds like a cliche, but Dream truly changed Chris’s life. She understood him. She taught him to be a dog person and of course as his muse she helped him become the artist and photographer he is today.

    It is hard to be so far away from Dee Dee, Billy, Chris and Kevin at this time. Please know how much I love you all and that I cherish my countless memories of Dream. I am thankful that you have her daughters Sliver and Bunny to help you through this sad time. And I am grateful to Dream for sharing all of life with Dee Dee the joys, the sorrows, the silly. I can’t really accept that I won’t get to hear Dream’s happy squeaks again or put my face to hers as I stroke those beautiful big ears.

    I don’t want to end on a sad note so let me leave you with this — I wish that Phil Robinson of Duck Dynasty fame could have met Dream. I’m pretty sure he would have taken one look at her and said “Now there’s a dog that’s Happy, Happy, Happy!”.

    Love, Louise

  43. Vern Miller

    Dream lives on in everyone’s heart. Favorite memory of Dream was the first time I saw her at an AOCNC match. Her first match I think. I knew right then that this special puppy held a grace and elegance that was only matched by an unusual bond with Dee Dee. I asked Dee Dee later if she trained Dream to hold her head that way and prance like a ballerina. Nope, she said, she did it all on her own. Yes she does!

  44. Peggy

    What started out as a beautiful sunny morning changed when I opened my computer. Now the day is just not as bright. I have read the wonderful tributes to Dream and wonder what I can add? Dream was the one to teach my water dogs to swim. “Look, it’s easy”! She was a wonderful traveling companion and the best house guest. Always there to tidy the floors after I would prepare a meal.

    Dream’s accomplishments were many but to me she was the golden that planted the seed that would make me someday hope to have that beautiful, loyal breed be part of my family.

    I shed tears for DeeDee, Billy, Chis and Kevin at the loss of a dream that can true.

    Peggy Perkins

  45. Jamie Warren

    I watched Dream and DeeDee from afar over the years…what a great team. My heart goes out to you on your loss of your beloved Dream. It’s so hard to believe when they seems so well one day and gone the next. I just saw her at Del Monte…I thought Wow…she is still competing at 10years old when so many would have retired, she truly loved what she did. Dream happened to you DeeDee…Enjoy the Memories…the Greatest Gift.

  46. Andrea Vaughan

    Dream Pie, Momma Pie – isn’t it true that the more special a dog is to us, the more pet names they’ve got? Dream was one of the obedience greats and will be remembered forever. I’m so sorry for your loss Dee Dee. The shock of losing her so quickly must be excruciating right now.

  47. Diana E Garibaldi

    Hello dear family….I have tears in my eyes just typing and reading the most beautiful words for this special special dog….she came to your family for a reason…truly pure love and to teach lessons to human beings…even though you were training her….the few times I saw her, I could feel that she was special…one in particular time at Nonno, she was with you Dee Dee and just the way she led you away for a walk down Kentfield, but with pure love as she looked up at you…I remember that so well because it impressed me…she had a lot of humanness to her..
    You have fabulous memories to hold you…and the arrival of new little ones soon…to keep your mind and heart busy….I send you such love at this time…all of you…..Diana Garibaldi…

  48. Carol Bygdnes

    What a sad loss. I know you will miss her wagging tail and footsteps coming down the hall. Dream notable for her beauty, excellence and enjoyable quality. Dream, one special gal! My heartfelt condolences, Carol

  49. Suzanne Bria

    Dear Dee Dee and Billy–

    Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your precious Dream. I did not know her well but always heard she was Sweetness personified, in addition to her obvious talent. It was so clear to all who saw you work with her that she was, indeed, a dream come true!

    Even though I am relatively new to dogs, I understand what she meant to you and the pain of such a loss. All of our dogs are special and unique, and all are irreplaceable. But once in a while I dog grabs your heart and won’t let go. I guess that is what is meant by a Heart Dog.

    I have often wondered why Man’s Best Friend has such a short lifespan compared to us humans, but I think we are meant to learn from them about love and loss and what is most important in life: our relationships. They teach us to reach out and be kind, to smile, and most of all to love with all of our hearts. They teach us to be better.

    Words are so inadequate at a time like this, but words and photos are all we have. I wrote this poem some time ago when we lost Gemma, my very first dog — and I hope it helps just a little.

    Suzanne Bria
    Finnegan & Haiku


    Loss Haiku

    All the golden hues
    Of our days and years build up
    Like a drift of leaves

    Autumn always comes.
    Where there was once your breathing
    Now it is quiet.

    And yet I know well
    We are just in different
    Places: you romping

    Free at the Rainbow
    Bridge, the brightest star shining
    Down to light my way.

    Me here on Earth, my
    Memories like stepping stones
    of polished amber.

  50. Colleen Hamilton

    Dear Dee Dee, Chris and Billy,

    I really have no words I’m so shocked. I do however totally sympathize with your feelings and emotions. They are such ugly feelings for anyone to have to go through. I wish with all my heart I could take them away. My heart truly breaks for all of you. A huge part of your family is now visiting other family members creating a hole here but also filling another above with all her friends.

    I loved her dearly too. She was a friend and champion to all of us as well. I wish I coluld say more than ‘I’m sorry” but nothng seem to fit.

    Please know this however, Thank you for sharing Dream with all of us. My heart breaks for all of you. And more importantly, that we alI love you . . .

    Jim, Colleen, Dan and Billy

  51. Gail

    I am so very sorry for your loss. When reading memorials such as this I am often reminded of the Garth Brooks song, The Dance. Hoping that time will help ease your pain.

  52. Elisabeth Fisher

    So sad to get the news.
    To me when I’m thinking of teamwork, the only one to stand out
    is you Dee Dee and Dream. Loved your seminar and the great
    comunication between you and Dream.
    My heart hearts for you.
    Elisabeth K. Fisher

  53. [email protected]

    We were so saddened to hear of your losses of DREAM. Knowing what she meant especially for you DD, but also for Billy, Chris and Kevin. The Whole Dog Show Forum will be aware of that partnership and your absence at every Dog Show. Every one who knew her will miss her Smile and her dance. Dream will leave an incredibally remarkable Emblem on the Dog Show World.

    Every time Mystic smiles and talks, I feel Dream’s presence.
    Both Mystic and I have Special places in our hearts for Dream. I felt warm all over every time Dream looked and smiled at us.

  54. Susan Dickerson

    Dream (and Sliver) were in the training hall at Dee Dee’s last week when I arrived for my lesson. I can still see her happy face, standing there behind a baby gate, smiling (yes, of course she was smiling), wagging her tail and hoping for some loving and ear scratching. It was like that every time I saw her outside the ring. Inside the ring, when she was showing with Dee Dee, it was like watching a song come to life – a lovely dance between two beings completely tuned into each other. And who didn’t chuckle when you’d see Dream proudly carrying the ribbons she won to her crate or to the van? Another happy memory I have of Dream was during a long road trip to Ferndale several years ago, with Dee Dee driving. Dream’s preferred “spot” was standing between the driver and passenger seats – the better for watching where we were going – and I’m sure she would have stayed there for hours if allowed. Dream was adored by everyone she touched – even Benson was smitten by her. He always wanted to say hello when he’d see her. Sadly for him, she was unimpressed with his poodle moves and preferred humans. Lucky for us that she did. I feel so privileged that I knew her and was able to watch her with Dee Dee in some of the most incredible Obedience performances in history. She will be so very greatly missed. My deepest condolences to the Anderson family.

  55. BeckyLuft

    How do you write just a few words about a dog like Dream?

    Did she live up to her name or did her name live up to her? I remember thinking when you came up with her registered name “Boy, sure hope she can live up to that!” Boy, did she ever. So many great memories.

    Watching you train her as a youngster, even early on she was spectacular.

    Being at Hangtown KC in 2006 and watching you guys finish your OTCH. The picture with the congratulations banner was fun!

    Having Dream sneak in the ring during our lessons to “help” Hacker with his retrieves. I think he’s got it auntie Dream! No doubt thanks to you.

    Bringing toys; The silly noises she made when she was happy; just bringing joy wherever she was.

    Watching many of your thirty-two perfect 200 performances. She just got better and better with age.

    Watching the finals of the 2007 NOI and then actually being in the ring, having earned a Non-Sporting group placement with Hayden, when they announced the winner. All I wanted to do was run over and hug you guys but I kept myself in check and waited until later. Dinner afterwards with you, Billy and Terry Barnes – I think we were all giddy! I was sooo proud of you two! (and still am!) Happy tears fell that day. Tears have been falling since I found out Saturday that the world has lost one of the best Dogs that ever lived.

    Sleep softly, dear Dream, you’ll be loved and remembered forever.
    Exercise finished. Good, girl.


  56. Hyzy Hornyak

    I’m so sorry to hear of Dreams unexpected passing. I just saw her on the 14th.
    I don’t personally know you, but I do know you in the show ring. You both were a fabulous team and a pleasure to watch. I would always think to myself after watching you show, you couldn’t have picked a better name for her.
    I truly hope the pain of her loss will quickly be replaced with all the great memories she has giving you.
    My heartfelt sympathy for Dream’s animal companions and her loving human family.

    All the best,

  57. Katarina Koster

    Dee Dee, I never had the honor of meeting Dream but I am very connected to my own special dog and can imagine how sad you must be. I’m so sorry for your loss. There are no words to console, but cherish the time you and Dream had together and know you did everything right for her and she adored you. Take good care!

  58. Faye Ghielmetti

    Dee Dee, Billy, Chris, and Kevin……..I can only imagine what you are all going through at this time. So sad…..When I got the e-mail last night I was in disbelief. In the obedience world Dream and Dee Dee set the ring on fire showing all of us what perfection is. The admiration and love between the two of you was wonderful to witness. You definately could feel the bond whether you were in or out of the ring. I cherish the times when Dream was able to stay at the “Inn”! I loved when Dream sent out the warning that a man was outside and it was Walt! Protection at it’s finest. Dee Dee, I told you a long time ago that you and Dream were a set of bookends, even had the same look in your eyes. She leaves us all with tears in our eyes and a smile in our heart. Wishing you Love and “Heeling” thoughts……..

  59. Ann Blashford

    I saw you work Dream at the Mission Circuit. One year. And saw Poetry in motion. Again at the NOI. When she won. And you went down on yourknees . And just hugged her. I think a lot of people were crying with you. There are no words one can really say except we do feel your hurt. And glad there are some puppies in your future. To help. Your family heal. Ann B.

  60. Gerri

    I watched the NOI in Long Beach a few years back when the team if DeeDee and Dream took center stage. What a site to behold in person. From that time on I strive to be a team like them with the beauty and loved shared by the two of them in the ring. What a fantastic golden, she will always be in the heart of many and will always bring you special memories. Your lost is great may you heal in time.
    Mary Fry and Gerri Monohan

  61. Carol Arquette

    Tears cloud my eyes, my heart is heavy, but the Dream lives on…she will never leave the ring in our hearts.

  62. Ann Gaskell

    I always loved to watch Dee Dee and Dream compete. They were so beautiful as they worked together. You could see the special loving bond they had for each other. I am so lucky that I was able to watch them so many times. Ten years is too young. My thoughts go out to Dee Dee and her family.

  63. Pauline & Larry Andrus

    When we spent time with you recently Billy asked me if I had any special times of judging dogs. I told him it was when I helped judge Dream winning the NOI. It will always be my best memory of her & Dee Dee. May her grandkids have even a touch of her special way.

  64. Laurel Laurent

    My fondest memory of Dream was when she helped my dog Piper through a set of sits and downs at Vallejo. Piper was having issues and I was worried about the exercise. I can remember Dee Dee talking to Dream and telling her that since she was next to Piper she needed to make sure he was relaxed and OK. Dream did, he was and passed the exercise. All those alpha waves coming off Dream made it easy for Piper to sit, down and stay with ease. Dream was always my role model for training my dog! I loved watching her work. It was a special pleasure for me that she received one of her many 200s at my Gold Country Kennel Club show. I will miss her.

  65. Jane Jackson & the black Labs

    While we never met, I enjoyed watching the video of Dreams NOC final round. Best part – in between each exercise, when Dream would roll over and get a quick tummy rub from Dee Dee. My heart goes out to you on your loss.

  66. Sue Korp

    Dream…..Her name fit her perfectly. No matter what antics Dreamy did, I would always tell DeeDee she was the perfect dog, and she was. Team Dream was always a joy to watch. In perfect sync with each other, a beautiful dance. I have been privledged the last few years to be at many trials sitting next to DeeDee and Dream, to see their beautiful performances and some of her 32 PERFECT 200 scores. Like Julie, I remember the Moving Stand at Mensona. Dream was SOOOO up!!! Those front legs were flying in the air. I remember saying, Oh my, DeeDee is in trouble. Dream’s higher than a kite!!! It was awesome to watch her on those days. I will treasure traveling to NOI with Billy, DeeDee and Dream in 2011. Jessi and I had a blast and Dream was a character, as always. The “perfect dog” was trying to get into people’s bags under the seats on the plane! Dream also had a very strong opinion on where she got to be in the rental car! I loved watching Dream upside down on her back with some little rubber toy between her front feet playing with it. She was frequently guilty of stealing toys out of my training bag during a lesson, shamelessly, I may add!!!! The Perfect Dog really did have a mind of her own and many times would just not listen to DeeDee!!! Especially if DeeDee was trying to put her away so she would not pester my kids during a lesson. Dream seemed to not remember what the “come” command meant. The next thing you would hear from DeeDee is “Dream Anderson come here”!!!! That usually didn’t work either!!!! She was a great distraction during training, usually laying right in the middle of what we were trying to do! I had to crack up at a show a few months back. Slivy beat out Dream for something (can’t remember what) and when DeeDee went to give Dream the ribbon, like she usually did, Dream did not want it!!! She wanted Sliver’s ribbon!!!I I was amazed that Dream’s treats were cut up pieces of bread!!! She loved them! Lastly, I am so happy I was at Del Monte KC, spending that time with the “perfect dog” and the person she owned, body & soul. Dream was awesome, as usual,that weekend, taking HIT and HC both days ans at least 2 199 1/2s. I then got to see Dream for the last time for my lesson at Ranch anderson that Monday after the trials. DeeDee cam down from the house with Dream and Sliv running loose. They saw me at the car and came barreling towards me barking and growling!!! Until they got to me and then said “Oh…it’s just you”!!!! Dream was such a protector dog once they moved to the country!!!
    Dream…It’ll never be the same without you. You showed us all how it should be done, perfectly and with a pizzaz only you ever had. I am so saddened that you are gone, but you will NEVER be forgotten. You are loved by many and in our hearts. My heart goes out to the Anderson famiy, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Sue Korp and the doberman gang

  67. Sandra Nelson

    I met Dream for the first time just recently at the seminar in Carson City. I immediately fell in love with Dream. How could anyone not fall in love with her? She was so well named; what a Dream she was! My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of the Anderson family.

    Sandra Nelson
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  68. Stephanie Gomez

    I have many memories of Dream and have been honored many times to judge Dream and Dee Dee and always loved it when they would come into the ring. My most fond memory though was Dream doing the Moving Stand and not so much for her neck position, which was funny in itself, but for her prance dance. I would say to Dee Dee “This is going to be the Moving Stand and Dee Dee would turn back to me and say “now don’t start laughing” because I would start to giggle as Dream would heel with Dee Dee or maybe it was the other way around, but Dream’s her head would come up to focus on Dee Dee and those front legs of hers would kick out and she would start the prance dance that would make me laugh – I just loved it. Dream brought such joy to all who knew her. I will miss her.


  69. Kathy Kail

    I was stunned to hear of Dream’s passing, and very sad. Dee Dee and Dream were a team that I used as my mental picture of perfection as I train and show my dogs. Sure, there were mistakes but they always looked like they were having fun. My thoughts are with the Anderson family and I hope in some small way that the upcoming Dream grandkids will help fill this void that Dream has left.

  70. Michele McCormick

    So very saddened to learn of Dream’s passing . . . I was fortunate enough to see her perform many times. She was so clearly happy in performing, her positive energy lit every show. She was indeed the dog so many of us dream of. In that role, she spent her life as a wonderful inspiration. She will be much missed . . . but she isn’t really gone. She absolutely does live on in the aspirations and dreams of her legions of admirers.

  71. Diane T.

    I met Dream one time but I remember her coming out to greet everyone during one of your seminars. My first thought was, I’m so glad you let her be herself and go to people for a pet. She was a real sweetheart and a true champion! God put you two together for a reason and Dream changed you and your family’s life forever. Watching the you tube videos of the “Dream Team” left me in awe of the commitment you two had together.

  72. Darylen

    My heart is breaking for all of you, I’m so sorry. Holding on to Sunny much tighter tonight……..Love, Darylen

  73. Sarah Sykes

    When you and Dream competed at the NOI in Long Beach the year you won, I watched every ring you were in. I was so enthralled by what a perfect team you were and it was an inspiration to me and my (at the time) Novice A Golden. “The utmost in willingness, enjoyment and precision on the part of the dog with naturalness, gentleness and smoothness on the part of the handler” – that what you and Dream were. May she rest in peace at the Bridge, until you see her again.

  74. Chris Hyde

    So many memories of Dream and Dee Dee in the obedience ring. I was privileged to have watched the Dream Team earn a 200 at the Lake County show. It was cold and crisp and Dream was seriously full of herself. Those snap shots will always remain in our minds and hearts. My most favorite thoughts, however, are of Dream and Sliver hanging out in the Dream Big building. Dee Dee would head down from the house with Sliver on lead and Dream running loose. Ms. Dream often took advantage of her freedom. Dee Dee tried hard to sound gruff, “Dream Anderson get over here,” but Dee Dee never sounded gruff and Dream never listened. Inside, Dee Dee closed the girls in the second ring, but inevitably, they would break out. Sliver was usually first out, but one could see the gleam in Dream’s eyes–it was her idea! When Sliver got in trouble, “It wasn’t me, Mom!” but Dream had obviously put her up to it! Dream and Sliver were often called upon to be distractions. Dream would give her serious look, “You’ve got to be kidding, you don’t know where the go out is?” Dream didn’t think much of my youngster who wasn’t taking his work seriously. “These young whippersnappers!” Dream always gave out her serious bark of alarm when someone entered her building; it didn’t matter that it was Billy. Dream will continue to supervise her Dream Big building from above.

  75. Betty Ribble

    It was my pleasure to have judged such a team, dog & handler, who so epitomized purpose of a well trained team. Having spent a number of years as a judge I am always looking for that one dog that shines in their performance above all others. Dream was that one dog. On the day I awarded her a 200 score I was wishing it could be a 200++++++. I realized I had now seen that one dog. She will be remembered and spoken of by many for her happy ways. She was the dog everyone “dreams” of owning.

    Betty Ribble

  76. Marjie Cherry

    I’m glad to have known Dream. Her name turned out to be amazingly prophetic. As many have said, she was truly a once in a life time dog. Her accomplishments speak for themselves. She could charm a piece of cheese from me at will
    it was truly a talent. The best though, was how she could manage to position her head so you just had to pet her, no matter what else you were doing. She even did it on that last day.

    Sleep peacefully sweet Dream.

  77. Shirley & Mike Bavilacqua

    There are just no words that can express our sorrow for your great loss. As many have said Dream was a dog unequaled. It really was a thrill to watch you as a team – the sheer joy Dream exuded. Even on that rare occasion when she nq’d she did it with such great style. The word “great” just does not seem to be enough to describe her.

    I know Mike loved to judge you and always raved about your performances.

    I know it is hearbreaking right now but soon you will look back at all the
    good memories of your times together and you will be able to smile again.

    Shirley and Mike Bavilacqua

  78. Diane Anderson

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I’ve been remembering the times I have seen the two
    of you in the ring & watch an amazing team although people only needed to see the two
    of you once to know they were watching something very special. Looking back my favorite
    memories will be when we were having our lessons, you & Dream would come into the building and
    Beau lost all concentration because he could not take his eyes off her. All he wanted to do
    was go over to Dream. Even Beau knew how special she was and always will be.

  79. Catherine Zinsky

    Words come hard and seem so inadequate at your loss, but do know that you are being thought of with great empathy.

    I was among those in Long Beach who had the honor of watching your NOI win, rooting for you, praying for you. When you dropped to your knees and gave Dream that embrace, you were not the only one shedding tears of relief and happiness. Dream was indeed a dream come true, and you are so very, very fortunate to have had the opportunity and immeasurable joy of having known her and had her as your team partner.

    Only time will alleviate your grief, but once the pain subsides you will be able to always remember Dream in beauty, with love, and with sweet memories–sweet dreams.

    With profound sadness and empathy,
    Catherine Zinsky



  81. Phyllis Gunhouse

    I was shocked and saddened to hear that your Dream had passed away.

    I remember Dream at the Lake County Show in 2012 when during the group exercise, the baby gates fell over and Dream stood up. Because of her exceptional work ethic we all decided the only reason she stood up was to protect her daughter, Sliver, who was also in the same ring from that pending danger. What a good mommy!

    I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that anyone watching the two of you interact knew they were watching something special.

    My heart goes out to you and your family.

  82. Pat O'Connor

    I remember watching you and Dream at a trial in Placerville and how happy she was in the ring with you. And when you hugged her I thought that was the most beautiful sight! From that moment on, I try to remember to think more of my dog instead of my nerves when I’m in the ring. Your focus was on Dream and it showed how much you cared about her. I will always remember that day. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  83. Kori Bevis

    As mentioned in her obituary, I best remember seeing DeeDee & Dream and their “warm up routine” before the 2011 NOI in Orlando. Such relaxation & love as Dream lay upside-down on the floor. Such a relaxed “warm up” from such a successful team have me the courage to try the same thing. It happens to also work well for my Golden, and I think of DeeDee & Dream every time. I am so sorry for the terribly sudden loss of such a beautiful partner & friend.

  84. Margot McKereghan

    I met Dream up close and personally when I took my young Belgian sheepdog boy to train with DeeDee. Dream patiently helped us proof him for sits and downs. He simply couldn’t resist the beautiful blonde sitting next to him and she was so good while this young boy just drooled on her. Many years have passed since then and I have watched the beautiful team of DeeDee and Dream many times. As a judge sitting outside the ring I can only say that this is what obedience is about. A flawless team with the utmost in joy and happiness as they worked together . We will miss Dream and my heart goes out to DeeDee and her family at this time.

  85. Mark Welch

    I was privileged to be at the NOI in Long Beach when you and Dream took the NOC. I can remember the stillness and great anticipation of the crowd as you and Dream did your final few exercises. I was standing next to Billy as he filmed, and all of your Nor Cal fans were pulling for you. Thanks Dream for such a wonderful experience! And, happily, I got to see you and Dream one more time this month in Carmel at Del Monte. She had lost none of her style and grace, and still “had the goods.” She came in and went out a champion. One could not wish for more!

  86. Kathy Miller

    Dee Dee, my heartfelt condolences. Dream was so special and so very unique and will always be in your heart. She will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge where you will both cross over as one again! Hugs…..

  87. Louise Fox Meredith

    My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family over the sudden and unexpected loss of Dream. She was truly a once in a lifetime dog and that special bond the two of you had was undeniable. I will always remember that beautiful and prancy strut of Dreams and the two of you heeling was poetry in motion. Also, her wonderful, heads up, perfectly straight finishes. You and Dream set the standard for perfection in the ring and were role models of what perfect teamwork looks like. In time, may all the wonderful memories and accomplishments help to lessen your sorrows and keep the “Dream” alive in your heart.

  88. Janet Hellums

    In the past, you and your Golden companions have earned countless and excellent Top OB Scores in the rings with beautiful performances. But you wanted and waited for that special Dream dog to love, train, and campaign. What an incredible gift arrived on the US OB scene when a phenomenal Golden Retriever and the best OB trainer and handler found each other! You two were a gift to each other, and to so many who enjoyed and felt the thrills of witnessing such a partnership like no other. You had a joyous bonding which helped set the highest standards in the world of obedience competition. My heart is aching for you and your family with this unbearable loss. As time lightens your grielf, when you step back into the OB ring, may you feel the presence of your Dream’s unconditional LOVE guiding your every step, because her beautiful, caring, loyal, happy spirit will forever live in your heart.

  89. Glenda Brown

    Dearest DeeDee—my heart so goes out to you. Losing a “Dream”, there is nothing harder. What a wonderful journey the two of you had together.

    Many hugs. I have so many warm memories from all the years I have known you. No one deserved a “Dream” more than you did.

    Glenda Brown

  90. Jody Culver

    My heart breaks for all of you, losing such a wonderful girl…how amazing she did so much, then left in her own way. Know she will always be with you, in your hearts, forever. What a DREAM!!!

  91. Merry Shelburne

    I’m so happy you had Dream in your life, and that she had you in hers. You both made the most of it and you both have all those wonderful memories. Our time with them is never long enough. In her case, she was suddenly needed elsewhere. It’s the price we pay for the privilege. She’s still with you, just in a different dimension… and I wish you Peace. It will come, in time.

  92. Bob Pyle

    Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I love every picture and would love to see and love them all !!!
    ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Aggie (12) and she’s the light and love of my Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are very lucky.
    Lots of love,
    Bob Pyle

  93. Lizanne Kaiser

    Dear Dee Dee and Billy,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss of Dream. Her confidence, precision, and joy in the ring were a pleasure to behold. She was a great competitor and trusted companion. She lived a full and fulfilling life, thanks to your kind and gentle care.

    Dream was not only a great competitor herself — she helped us all to become stronger competitors. Knowing that Dream could dependably and reliably turn out beautiful performances gave us all a picture of perfection to aspire to. We all strived to be better, knowing that Dream was setting the standard so high. Dream’s tide has lifted a thousand ships. We are thankful our obedience paths crossed, and that we had a chance to see Dream in action.

    Time and puppy kisses will heal the pain of your grief. Dream will never be forgotten.

    With deepest sympathy,
    Lizanne and Dante

  94. Betty Conrad

    I am so sorry for your loss of Dream. She was an incredible dog. I loved to watch the two of you performing in the ring – it was pure poetry in motion.

  95. Janet Collins

    Dear DeeDee,

    Wow – what a shock! It’s always very difficult when we loose a much loved dog, but it’s anguishing when it’s at a fairly early age, totally unexpected, very sudden and it’s a very, very special dog.

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope in time the name, Dream, will bring a big smile to your face, instead of tears. A time when you will think happily about all those wonderful times (in and out of the ring) that you and Dream had together. There were so many – some personal, but many shared with numerous friends, colleagues and admirers. Yes, indeed, you and Dream were quite a team. And, in our minds you still are and always will be. You were lucky to have had each other and we were lucky to have been able to see and enjoy the ride you were on. What a team and what a journey!

    May the wonderful memories begin to outweigh your sadness.

    Janet Collins

  96. Georgia Meadows

    Dee Dee,

    There really is no way to express the sadness I feel for you at the loss of YOUR Dream. She was truly a special little girl. The two of you preformed so beautifully together, like a synchronized ballet. If there was ever two kindred spirits, it was you and Dream. She was an inspiration to so many of us.

    Wishing you only the happiest of memories,

  97. Elfie Payne

    Dream was the Gold Standard. She was the level of perfection to strive for. She was also a “love sponge.” I will miss the sweet grin urging just a few more pets and her snitching things out of my equipment bag.

  98. Margie Chiono

    It was always a pleasure to watch Dream and Dee Dee in the ring. Dream always appeared to be at her happiest in the ring with Dee Dee. Recently my black Lab Brandy and I earned a 199 in open. Great score. I was thrilled. Dream and Dee Dee earned a 199 1/2. My reaction was Wow, Brandy and I are standing here next to Dream. She always inspired us to keep working.

    Margie Chiono

  99. Jan Hatheway

    My favorite memory is of Dee Dee and Dream winning her Noc. They were clearly the best team there. So sorry for your loss.

  100. Lila Lippow

    I am at such a loss for words…. Dream was a treasure. To know her was to love her- a sweet soul. I will think of her most wandering around the building with a stuffed toy in her mouth, her tail always wagging. She was loved by so many, but I am so heartbroken for you Dee Dee- and I’m so sorry.

  101. Mandy Drummey

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Dream, but the memories everyone has wrote about her clearly shows how special she was….

    I am soooo very sorry for your loss, I hope you can store all of your memories of her in your heart forever, may you and your family find peace and comfort in knowing that she knew how loved and special she was and may her offspring/relstives carry on the same sweet temperament and joy that she brought to your family…… a “piece” of Dream will continue on through them for generations to come and I hope it brings you and your family comfort in knowing she will always be with you….. your Golden Angel…… my thoughts are with all of you at this time…..

  102. Sheila Kolby

    I am so sorry to hear of Dream’s passing. My heart goes out to you and your family. She was a wonderful dog and you were both such a joy to watch in the obedience ring. I have many memories of you both at the Skyline and Del Valle shows.

    They are never with us long enough. I’m so glad that you were both with her. As painful as it is now, in time your hearts will heal and all of the good memories will be there for you all. Sweet Dreams.

  103. Jean Lee

    About 4 and1/2 years ago when I was just beginning obedience training, our trainer, Lora Cox told our class one night about “Dee Dee” who was giving a seminar and that if we had a chance do attend! This was in Redwood City and I could hardly wait to go!
    What a privilege to study with Dee Dee. I have learned so much from this soft spoken, exceptional woman. That day I got to meet DREAM! All the comments I have read above echo
    my thoughts! I have watched them at many trials; what a thrill. In Lodi on 9122/12 I got to see DREAM and DEE DEE earn their 28th Perfect 200! Last time I saw them was this past July 2013 in Carmel at the DEl Monte Trial! Earlier this year I was stewarding at a trial in Fremont where they competed. Extra special occasion to be in that ring so close to watch that beautiful dog.. One of my favorite past times is watching their u-tubes from 2007 and 2008 I watch over and over again! DREAM carrying her ribbon, prancing around the ring and smiling as she floated; awesome!
    Dee Dee, to you and your family my sincere sympathy over your loss.

  104. Patti Kostakis

    To me, Dream will always be the best dog in the world! Dream and Dee Dee are the entire reason i decided to give obedience a try. Watching the two of them in the ring was breathtaking, magical, beautiful, and poetry in motion. The love between the two of them was so obvious and deep that it was a joy to watch, often bringing tears to my eyes and chills. Pure magnificence!
    I have so many wonderful memories of Dream….here are a few:
    Her beauty, grace, elegance, happiness, perfection, and immense love for Dee Dee that showed in every performance.
    Watching several of her perfect 200 performances, although she always looked perfect to me!
    Her “happy feet” and “happy sounds”…sometimes she had a lot to say.
    Dream rolling, diving, and playing in the snow in Utah.
    Dream snooping in Renee’s car on lesson days, hoping upon hope that one of us had dropped a morsel of food for her.
    Dream finding the one and only crayon that was left on my classroom floor(a yellow one).Within seconds of entering the room it was in her mouth.
    The joy on my students’ faces when Dream performed for them(they were sure she knew how to count when she did her articles) and how much Dream enjoyed her time with them, traveling to each one to get her pets and hugs.
    Dream doing her signals perfectly with Dee Dee…only Dee Dee was working with Sliver and Dream was loose in the adjacent ring. Still, her eyes were fixed on her mom and she didn’t miss a beat!
    Dream almost pulling Dee Dee in the Skookumchuck Creek because she wanted to swim so badly…then watching Dream swim so happily.
    Open B sits and downs at the last show in Missoula….a Dream come true!
    Dream’s gorgeous, soulful eyes and how she could convey her messages with her expressions.
    Dream unwrapping presents(hers and Dee Dee’s) and making sure the tags were off.

    Dee Dee, Billy, Christopher, and Kevin…Please know how saddened and heart broken I am for you on the devastating and shocking loss of Dream. I am so blessed and grateful to have known and loved her. Thank you for that. Dream will forever own a piece of my heart and will ALWAYS be…The Queen of Everything to me. My thoughts and love are with you.

    Patti Kostakis

  105. Sue Stauffer

    My first memory of Dream is in Novice at Chief Solano in Vallejo. I watched DeeDee and Dream as Dream praced along with her head in the air and wondered how DeeDee had possibly trained her to heel like that. And over the years I saw so many outstanding performances. What an amazing team!. And on Friday at Truckee Meadows I again watched DeeDee and Dream and marveled at the continued enthusiasm Dream still had at 10 years old.

    My sympathy is with all in the Anderson family. Time will help heal the loss of the most wonderful dog a family could have.

    Sue Stauffer

  106. Bonnie Lee

    I have had the privilege of judging Dee Dee and Dream a few times ———– it was, always, a beautiful performance. What a happy team! Thank you for the memories. I will treasure them forever.

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and Billy. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Bonnie Lee

  107. Monika and the poodle boys

    Even though I have never met Dream, I heard a lot about her and watched all the videos. You guys were an amazing team and inspiration to all!! I just saw you in the ring in Carmel a few weeks ago and was in shock when I read your headline of Dream’s passing. My heart goes out to you and Billy but time will help the healing and the memories will NEVER be forgotten! My sincere sympathy to all of you and thinking of you during this difficult time.
    Monika and the poodle gang

  108. Janice Gunn

    I only got to see Dream show a few times, but she always brought a smile to my face. She had a special spring to her step and gave Dee Dee her all each and every time. You are fortunate to have had this special dog in your life. She will always be alive in your heart.

  109. Jacqueline Quam

    I have been involved in the sport of dog training/showing since the early 1980s and admired many wonderful teams over the years…but none such the likes of the Dream Team. Tears for your loss. Dream will live on in the hearts and minds of all the people whose lives she touched.

    J.L. Quam

  110. suzi bluford

    So hard to write this! Just saw Dream and Dee Dee at the del monte kc shows and she looked fabulous-thick shiny coat and bright eyes! so obviously happy to be at the shows and looking like she was in her prime-we even spoke of how much she was enjoying competing still! Such a sudden and tragic loss for you Dee Dee and your family. My deepest sympathy to you. She will be special for so many reasons for so many- she was my first opportunity to award a perfect 200; still have that score sheet. Hope the many memories you have of her special life will comfort you.
    Suzi Bluford

  111. Anne Gray

    The number of entries here alone is a testament to Dream’s legacy. While I barely knew her, she was certainly a dream, and the bond that Dee Dee had with Dream was one in a million. Somewhere in the sky a star is burning more brightly now.

  112. Shelly Johnson

    Every once in a while an Angel is sent from heaven to someone on earth who needs to have some sunshine brought to them. And so it happened that this angel sent from heaven was born as a golden retriever puppy named Dream. And so it was that Dream was sent to the Anderson Family.
    Dream was always the perfect dog and could never be bad. She always wore an invisible halo on her head. Sometimes if the light was shining just right you could see the halo reflecting off her fur of spun gold. Dream always liked to roll on her back before going into the obedience ring and the reason why she did this was to shorten her angel wings. Dream knew her full sized angel wings were not allowed in the ring. She would look back and smile at the judge as she stood proud for the stand for exam always wondering if her wings could be seen or not.
    Dream knew she was an angel it was apparent to all who were lucky enough to have met her. Dream loved attention and I know when ever she would say hi to me it made me feel special.
    Dream had the magic touch and it showed as she would put a smile on anyone’s face who would watch her in the ring. Seeing the love that radiated from DeeDee and Dream was simply a glorious site to see.
    Dream was a once in a lifetime forever dog. The memories of her will be forever in my heart. She will be missed! But never ever forgotten.
    I know she is still walking along side of DeeDee every single day and if you look real close you will see a trail of gold dust that Dream has left behind .
    Good Bye Deamy Pie Pie

  113. Joan Fosenburg

    Dee Dee and Billy
    I was so saddened to hear of your loss of Dream. They are never with us long enough. My heart aches for both of you and your family. I always felt it was a privilege, the few times I was ringside watching the bond the two of you shared.

  114. Elaine Smith

    On the first day God created the heavens and earth AND Golden Retrievers. Your little piece of heaven was Dream, mine was Casey.

    1. Chris Hempel

      Dream truly was a dog of a lifetime and her bond with you Dee Dee was so very special. What an incredible journey you two traveled …may some of those wonderful memories and all the loving thoughts of so many of your friends help you through this very sad time
      Chris Hempel

  115. Linda Scanlon

    It was a special joy to judge the “Dream” team. I was one of those who could barely resist returning the love that seemed to flow from her on that moving stand exam. I shall always remember that sweet, sweet face and treasure the times I was able to enjoy watching her.

    My heart goes out to you on your loss. It is OK to cry – I cry with you. May all the wonderful memories eventually be easier to bear as time helps to heal the sorrow.

  116. Mel Stanley

    Hi Dee Dee,
    I am so sorry to have heard. You and Dream will always be a inspiration to me since you trained for perfection and 32 perfect scores were presented to you. I have judged the Dream Team many times and honestly it was difficult to keep judging while I was honored to have perfection in the ring with me, it was just easier to just watch. I don’t have any words worthy of Dreams Legacy except that the world has lost a true champion.

  117. Vickie Margolis

    Dee Dee, Billy, Chris, & Kevin,
    I was so shocked when Bob called from the show to tell me what happened. Over the years, I have seen a lot of great performances by some very talented trainers and dogs, but very few had that special something that made them a Great Team time and time again both inside and outside the ring. That “Specialness” just oozed out of Dream and Dee Dee. It was always a treat to watch them together, no matter what the actual score was the bond between them was obvious, and more than anything else that is what made them a Great Team.
    In reading some of the posts here, it became apparent that not only did Dream have a special bond with Dee Dee, but also with Chris.
    My heart goes out to you both.

  118. Pamela Weaver-Jaeger

    You were truly the Dream Team. I have no idea how many times I had the pleasure of judging you. Each and every time was enjoyable regardless of the outcome. The ultimate was when I had the pleasure of giving my first and only, to this date, 200. The understanding and help getting through personal problem and issues is something that no amount of training can make happen. You were really a special partnership and Dream’s contributions will live on.

  119. Liz Snyder

    I’m so sorry for your unexpected loss of Sweet Dream. Not only was she loved and cherished by you, but also enchanted every person who ever saw the two of you working together. You were beyond awesome–

  120. Chris Cornell

    Dee Dee

    It was always a pleasure to judge you and Dream. Our friends are with us for a short time, but the memories stay forever.

  121. Dimity Mueller

    I keep trying to write something on this page and every time I come to try I get so many tears in my eyes that I can’t type, read or think. I just read Shelly Johnson’s Dream story and I don’t know when my eyes will clear. They are soothing tears knowing how much Dream touched so many people and how her memory will live with paw prints on so many hearts. Thank you Dream for making me feel special each and every time I walked into Dee Dee and Billy’s training building. Dream’s Gold Dust will be with me always and I will look for a trace of it on my Dream daughter, Bungee, and granddaughter, Roo. Thank you Bungee and Roo for keeping Dream with me always.

  122. Susan Guy

    When Dream was in her building there was a pulsation; this something was in the air…an energy. I’m sure we all could feel it. And when she made this rumbling noise it was like standing with a lioness. So much presence, so much power with kindness woven in. There was also this sincerity Dream held in her eyes. When my boy was a bad boy, us two legged creatures got a bit nervous but Dream would send him a “be cool” energy, this “you need a nap” and she would rollover on to her back and kick up her legs. He and I were always in awe of Dream. When I arrived in the building, I would whisper in his ear…’There’s Dream.’ We love Dream. I know when we walk into Dream’s Big building that energy, that pulsation will be there…she will always be there. Thank you Dream for being you. One very special grown up girl dog!!!

  123. Valerie Bartolozzi

    Through my tears in reading about you and Dream, I can see clearly that you made her dreams come true as well as Dream making yours come true. It is a blessing that you were together in her final moments. As devastating as this separation is, and I have been through several myself, I hope that thoughts and dreams of her will strengthen you.

  124. Loretta Delinger

    Dee Dee and Billy,

    A great dog has passed but will always be remembered by all of us who had the privilege of judging the team of Dee Dee and Dream.

    I have only given two perfect scores and Dream was my first. We never did get a picture of that event. I did not realize she was not fond of the happy face I chalked at the entrance, but do remember the stand for exam was a problem. I was sure she was going to move and give me a lick and so K approached her with such a serious look on my face everyone must have thought I did not like this dog. I was happy when it was over, she stood her ground and I could smile.

    We all have been through the sorrow of losing our favorite dog but we will remember the good times forever.

    Loretta Delinger

  125. Renee St. Denis

    Dee Dee, you know that it’s because of you and Dream that I decided to do Obedience with Crash. What seemed like a fun thing to try has turned into my passion, and I have the two of you to thank. I know you know the story well, but it was watching you and Dream that inspired me (and half the obedience world!) to try this. Patti and I went to our first ever dog show (without the boys) and saw you two and said, “Wow! They’re really good.” A few weeks later we went to another show to watch again, and we remarked to each other, “Hey, there’s that girl with her Golden again. They’re really something.” The third show was when Patti and I got our first lesson – as we said out loud again, “There’s the girl with the pretty Golden”, someone behind us let us know (somewhat abruptly, because EVERYBODY already knew) that that was Dee Dee Anderson and Dream, the best team in Obedience. We congratulated ourselves on having a good eye, and I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you and Dream since. But when I think of Dream, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t the perfect Obedience dog (although that’s what she was). What I think of is the love you two had for each other. It turns out that it wasn’t your performance with Dream that I hoped to emulate some day; it was your relationship with that wonderful dog.

    I didn’t know Dream when she was learning Obedience, although I certainly got to see her working to perfect her fronts and finishes all the time. But I did get to see her learn “hoopers”. We’d been playing at agility and Dream was watching from her corner, patient but wishing (as she always did) that it was her turn. You set the hoops up to show us how to do them. Of course Dream was your demo dog, and of course she went through them and she did it like she’d been playing hoopers her whole life. And as usual, she picked up the game in seconds and was far better than any of the other dogs. But most of all she was so happy and proud to be doing them with you!

    One of my favorite memories of Dream is from the first time Crash and I ever did Open groups at a trial. We were in Carson City and the Open A and B classes were so small that the judge combined them. The only dogs that qualified for groups were Dream, Ryder and Crash. I don’t know which of the boys was next to her, but I do know that Patti and I were on cloud nine that the boys were actually in the ring with Dream Anderson! Crash and Ry both got their first CDX legs that day, but I will always remember it as the only day we got to share a ring with Dream. She was so calm in the ring that I know she eased Crash and Ryder’s nerves — mine too!

    I just know that her joy in the ring was caused by her love for you. I’m convinced the happiest times in her life were right after “exercise finished” when she just knew she’d made you happy. She played to crowd, for sure (since we really were all there to see her!), but she performed for you out of sheer love. I could sit for hours and watch her work her fronts (which were perfect to anyone’s eye but hers) that last fraction of an inch. I marveled at how hard she worked at it and tried to figure out how to get Crash to do the same, but eventually I realized that she didn’t do that for cookies and she didn’t do that for praise. She did that because she loved you and wanted to be the best she could for you every minute of her life. She loved it most when you told her she was the best dog in the world – right when I thought I’d never seen a happier dog her whole body and face would light up just a tiny bit more hearing your voice.

    We’re all so lucky to have known her. She lives on in your students and their dogs. We all have deeper relationships with our dogs because of the two of you. We all have more fun in the ring and out because of the two of you. We all have a standard of perfection to strive for because of the two of you. And we all know what real love between a dog and her most special person looks like because of the two of you. Thank you for that gift.

  126. Joan Folla

    Dear Dee Dee and Billy,

    I almost can’t wrap my mind around your loss and know it will take a long time healing.

    I remember once being in the rarified air of a run-off with you and Dream and feeling so out of place I couldn’t hear the judges calls. Of course we lost, but it was still such a privilege.

    Memories flow through my mind as I know they do through yours, and they are the gifts our special companions give to us. They give us comfort and bring us joy to share forever

    Dream was a once in a lifetime, special dog, who was put in the hands of an understanding, talented, exceptional trainer. What a ten year ride you two had. Right dog, right handler, right time; perfection.

    To you, Dee Dee, and your family, I send my deepest sympathy.

    Joan Folla

  127. Susan Clark

    The “Dream” team has always been inspiring and jaw dropping. A team in the truest sense. A team that will live on in fame. My deepest sympathy to your family.

  128. Dee Dee Anderson

    Judy Myers Oh, Dee Dee! It is so very hard to lose any dog, but the loss of one as special as Dream, and so suddenly, is such a tragedy. My thoughts are with you and the rest of your family.
    Like · Reply · 2 · July 21 at 7:25pm via mobile

    Trish Miller My heart is breaking for you! I am so sorry to hear about Dream. I was an admirer from afar and she was such an inspiration. The bond you shared was incredible and I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I know there are no words to ease this for you. Just know our hearts and love are with you.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:39am

    Patty Bagshaw Simmons Once in a lifetime – this is what Dreams are made of.
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 21 at 8:25pm

    Kat Bales Cushing I am stunned and soo sorry for your loss. You and dream were an amazing team and an inspiration.
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 21 at 8:03pm via mobile

    Shayne Gurry Oh, I am so, so sorry. She was a legend in time…a dog for the record books. When I had time at trials waiting for our turn or in between runs, I’d try to watch you and Dream if you were in the ring…always breathtaking and it gave me something to strive for. I’d send my students the Youtube videos of you and Dream and tell them “this is what we ultimately want!” and they were always in awe of how perfect you were as a team. I think my favorite memories, though, were of when I’d see her leaving a trial, head held high, with the HIT ribbon or HIC ribbon in her mouth, carrying it proudly. I know there are no words that can even come close to describing how painful it is…I will just say that my heart is with you at this time. There is another shining star in the sky tonight.
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 21 at 7:25pm

    Jen Bailey I’m so, so sorry. She won’t be forgotten by anyone in the AKC. She’s a legend.
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 21 at 7:03pm via mobile

    Jacqueline Quam Tears for your loss….
    Like · Reply · July 25 at 9:18pm

    Debbie Prime Oh Dee Dee, I’m so sorry. I can only imagine the pain you’re feeling at the loss of “Dream”. She touched us all. I’m so blessed to have met her. I will hug and cry with her Grandson, Fame, over our loss. I’m in shock. May God heal your broken heart.
    Like · Reply · July 23 at 10:44pm

    Sarah Sykes I’m so sorry for your loss. You and Dream were an incredible team and were such an inspiration to me.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 10:30pm

    Pauline Andrus So heartbreaking, so sad, too soon.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:52pm

    Joeanne Butler Beautiful tribute to a Beautiful Dog. Bob and I so enjoyed watching you and Dream when you won all the run offs at the Invitational.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 10:03am

    Reena Walton So sorry for your loss, Dream was a great dog, and had such a fantastic career!!!!
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:00am via mobile

    Sandy Bohr I am so sorry for your loss. Dream was a one in a lifetime girl. Loved to watch her in the Obedience ring everytime I stewarded. Hugs to you and your family.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 12:11am

    Pamela McDonald I’m so sorry for you and your family’s loss. I too believe that I have needed my dogs at times in my life as much as they need(ed) me.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 10:05pm

    Carolyn Wray So sorry. It was a great honor to award Dream one of her many 200 scores. She was very special
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 9:08pm via mobile

    Beth Thiele Very sorry for your loss
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:42pm via mobile

    Juli Haugen Dee Dee and Billy, our family grieves with you…..Dream was such a special girl,she will be deeply missed. She taught us all how to dream….
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:42pm

    Tammy Del Conte I am so sorry for your loss…
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:14pm via mobile

    Michael Michau i am so sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:39pm

    Terry Barnes Thank you Dee Dee for sharing Dream with us. You know how much we all loved her. Dream taught us all to dream, she was a true ambassador of upmost willingness and enjoyment. She was an inspiration to all. Godspeed Dream.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:33pm

    Susan Larson Korp DeeDee. I have no words and I am heartbroken that Dream is gone. I am honored to have known her and watched both of you in the ring. I loved her even when she came running, growling and barking at me at ranch Anderson. Her personality was priceless and an absolute joy to watch as she pranced in the ring. My heart and thoughts are with you and the entire Anderson family.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:25pm

    Darylen Hall Schwartz NO
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:21pm

    Lisa Hall Her name said it all. RIP Dream and Godspeed. Hugs to you and Billy.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:17pm via mobile

    Marie Annette Doherty Dee Dee I am so very sorry for your loss of Dream. I never met her but always look for your reports. What a wonderful dog and friend.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:15pm

    Christy Thomas Oh my, I am so sorry to hear of your loss
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 6:59pm

    Danielle Morey Im so sorry for the loss of Dream. She was a truly inspirng Golden.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 6:55pm

    Penny Sleeth oh Dee Dee. I am SO SORRY. I had no idea when I asked you about Dream earlier…..you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 6:53pm

    Brenda Montgomery I am so very sorry for your loss! Such a bond we have with these wonderful creatures and the hardest thing ever to have to say good bye. Take care!
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:09pm

    Eileen Oshiro So sorry DeeDee. I suppose the only comfort is that it was quick and Dream didn’t suffer.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:06pm via mobile

    Ward Falkner Everyone in the obedience community shares your loss. She was incredible – an amazing part of a truly outstanding team. We will all miss watching her with you.
    Like · Reply · 7 · July 21 at 8:25pm via mobile

    Jill Simmons So sad and sorry for your loss of Dream. I learned how to do my first CD simply by watching you and Dream do your perfect 200 Novice run about 100 times bc we did not have a class or an instructor.
    Like · Reply · 4 · July 22 at 5:39am

    Vee Balma Dee Dee – I met you a few weeks ago at the Long Beach show. You were so very kind in judging my golden, Sam. My heart is breaking for you, as I lost a golden 7 years ago in the same manner. It is devastating to say the least. Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family. “Not gone, just gone on ahead”
    Like · Reply · 2 · July 22 at 7:18pm

    Kathy Klein My heart goes out to you- she was your partner , you were one -anyone who had watched you could plainly see that.
    Like · Reply · 2 · July 21 at 10:16pm via mobile

    Sharon Cavanaugh I am so very sorry for your loss. Although I never met the 2 of you in person, you were an inspiration to watch and the bond between you showed in every video I watched. Dance on Dream.
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 22 at 5:57am

    Cynthia Charat IT looks like Dream had a long and HAPPY life. So sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 11:17pm

    Bernice Reed You were lucky to have each other. It is so hard to say goodbye; my heart aches for you.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:47pm via mobile

    Carol Chase McElheney Although we have never met, I feel I know you and Dream and offer my most sincere condolences as a fellow dog lover who has loved and lost many times. They never really leave us. She will always be with you in your heart.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 8:26am

    Gayle Cooley So very sorry to hear of your profound loss.
    Like · Reply · July 23 at 6:18am

    Angie Rouleau Poulin God bless you all. Our most sincere condolences to you.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:50am via mobile

    William A Young So Sorry For Your Loss. Love that she would Crane her Neck to look at the Judge, I an sure did that many other times also. SHe is playing on the Bridge now looking for you.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:19am

    Siouxsan Eisen Just breaks my heart. What a loss for the dog community. Deepest condolences to Dee Dee.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:05am

    Nancy Banask So sorry for your loss of such a wonderful dog.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:19am

    Rutledge Jack-Bentley Sharing our love to your family. May God enjoy her blessing of love.
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 22 at 5:58am via mobile

    Laura Mason What a sad day – my sympathies to your family on the loss of this great golden
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 22 at 5:34am via mobile

    Wendy Weilbacher hugs to you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss Dee Dee Dream was and incredible dog.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 10:25pm

    Todd Beale I know the feeling of loss of your best friend, I lost mine on Memorial Day and its not the same. Mine was by surprise as well. Mine passed away from colon cancer. The days that pass dont get easier. I miss mine so deeply and just look into heaven and know he’s walked over rain Bow bridge. I say with deepest thoughts that my heart is with you and your loss. May Dream rest in peace until you walk together again.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 9:01pm via mobile

    Laurie Rollins hugs to you and your family.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:56pm

    Linda Christensen At the Del Monte Show I saw you just stop and give her a big kiss on the head–the love was there and shared. Dream was a real dream come true. Bless you.
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 21 at 8:31pm · Edited

    Bethany Watkins So very, very, very sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:12pm

    Lisa Nielsen What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful dog. I was not fortunate enough to have known her, but I have tears in my eyes as I write this. Hugs to all of you.
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 21 at 8:42pm

    Kathryn Obranovich i have never met Dream, but feel how special she was from the wonderful testimonial you wrote of her. so very sorry and it is especially difficult when it is not expected and sudden. my thoughts are with you
    Like · Reply · July 31 at 5:44am

    Lonni Reno You have inspired me. I have seen Dream at many shows and she was always perfect. I have been showing my dog, Bear for the last 2 years and he is up to trying for his Utility A plus has his RAE. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Like · Reply · July 30 at 8:21pm

    Mary Severson Grateful to have seen you work together. Very, very sad for you.
    Like · Reply · July 26 at 6:52am via mobile

    Julia Priest What a tremendous loss of a once in a lifetime dog. I feel privileged to have been able to watch you two work out in practice and see the gentle and loving partnership that resulted in such consistent perfection. I am so sorry for your terrible loss.
    Like · Reply · July 25 at 10:57pm

    Georganne Green She was an amazing dog! She will be remembered as a Dream dog forever..you were soooo blessed to have her.
    Like · Reply · July 24 at 11:25pm

    Kathy Small So sorry to about Dream. Dream will live on in the hearts of all who knew her!
    Like · Reply · July 23 at 5:51pm via mobile

    Lorraine Mendoza DeeDee, I am so sorry about Dream. You two inspired us all to be better and train harder. Take solace in the very very special memories he left you.
    Like · Reply · July 23 at 2:29pm

    Diana Lee Behrend I am so sorry for your loss
    Like · Reply · July 23 at 7:59am via mobile

    Deborah Nendell My sincerest sympathies on your loss. Those of us blessed with dogs that are uniquely special understand how hard the loss is, but also how extraordinary their gift to our lives is. The love never dies.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 8:43pm via mobile

    Kathy Clapp I am so sorry for your lose.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 8:27pm

    Renee Hoffman Heath My heart is with you. What a lucky family and Dream was blessed to have you too!
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:53pm via mobile

    Nancy Ullery-Henning So so sorry for your loss!
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:55pm via mobile

    Ann Blashford I’m so very sorry. She is one of the Golden’s we will never forget
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 2:11pm

    Ken Welsh What an incredible dog!!. I feel your loss and shed a tear for you and Dream. We lost our 13 yr.old Golden “Belle” just last month. I cried on and off all day and still glance behind my recliner (her favorite spot) when I get up in the morning as if she is still here. Old habits are hard to break. Its uncanny how much Dream looked like my Belle. Dream will be at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you when it is your time to pass. Then you will walk into the heavens with her and never loose again.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 12:40pm

    Ellen Mantel Pfann I’m so sorry. Her memory is a Blessing.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 11:31am

    Julie Poimiroo What a remarkable team. So sorry to hear of Dream’s passing. She was such a beautiful and talented girl. My hear goes out to you on your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 11:26am

    Carol Irwin Miller I am so sorry for ur loss. Just went thru losing a special girl named Piper…..peace and memories for u
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 9:26am via mobile

    Glenda Nirschl-Timmerman I am so saddened to hear about Dream! my thoughts are with you DD and Billy and your family!
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 9:11am

    Alisa Wold So sorry for your loss!
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 8:50am

    Debbie Larimer So very sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 8:43am

    Yvette Sons Losing our beloved dogs is so very hard. Dream was a wonderful pup and you gave her your love. The loss never goes away. I miss my boy Hogan every day. Till we see our loves at the rainbow bridge. My sympathy to you and your family.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 8:38am via mobile

    Nancy Fish So very sorry for your loss. They are so much a part of our families. So hard to let them go.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 8:32am via mobile

    Mike Holmes So sorry. It is so wonderful that God lets us borrow are cherished one for only a small time. But now The Lord has someone to play with. God Bless you in your time of sorrow.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:40am via mobile

    Lisa Kramer Hugs, lots of hugs
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:40am via mobile

    Linda Nichols So very sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:39am via mobile

    Gina Wahl Leisten I understand your heartache. What a beauty Dream was. May all your memories bring you joy.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:31am via mobile

    Rob Hewitt They hold a well earned, special place in our hearts…forever.
    God bless.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:13am

    Sandy Rust words can not say enough, but Dream was a one of a kind and truly amazing team
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 7:11am

    Mabel Heyd And when you reach the crest of the hill,sometime in the future, the one that has the light shining about it, there will be a gate of old weathered wood with flowers around and birdsong. There, with her paws resting on the top and a laugh on her face will be the one who waits for you.So sorry for your loss I have felt it and understand your sorrow.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:43am

    Susie Davis Thompson There are no words that anyone can say right now to give you peace. It is clear, that you and Dream are respected and loved by many. Whether we have met you in person or watched and learned from you from afar, both of you have touched so many lives. Thank you for sharing your Dream with us. Now it is our turn to share with you in hopes of giving you peace. God has Dream and He has placed us here for you. Please accept our love in the hopes of dulling the pain. We are so sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:33am via mobile

    Debbie Vaughn Once in a life time. My condolences.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:29am

    Marilyn Angner Williams So sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:27am via mobile

    Jane Westervelt-Ofshlag I am so sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:14am via mobile

    Patti Sneed More So sorry for your loss. God speed Dream. You will be missed.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:10am via mobile

    Georgia Ann Harvey She sounds like a gift from God, always with you though!
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:06am

    Sharon Hinson So very sorry for your loss. You and Dream were certainly a spectacular team and will be remembered by everyone in the obedience community.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 6:01am

    Lavonne Parks Heartbreaking. What a great dog!
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 5:59am via mobile

    Chris Sherwood So very sorry.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 5:46am via mobile

    Victoria Laird Unbelievably heartbreaking. So sudden… I am so sorry for your loss. What an amazing dog Dream was.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 5:46am

    Deborah Brockman Lumbert My heart breaks for you
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 5:24am

    Kerry Allison Dream was a beautiful dog, and the two of you made an outstanding team. The love and connection between you and Dream, very special! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 5:21am

    Jackie Sellers So very sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 22 at 4:28am

    Nancy Ferris I am so sorry for your loss. Dream was truly amazing.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 11:49pm

    Meg Callea I’m sooo sorry…. Shocking, just shocking. Sending hugs to you all.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 10:21pm

    Sandy Burr Dream was wonderful to watch. Such a great dog. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to see you in our shows in the northwest. What a team! I am so sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 10:07pm

    Denise Nelson So sorry for your loss ;(
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 10:01pm via mobile

    Miche Evans So, so sorry to hear of your loss. I feel privileged to have seen Dream in a class at the show on Friday and she looked just fabulous, as she always did. You were such a wonderful team. My condolences to you and your family xoxo Hugs
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 9:30pm

    Angela Sutton Hugs coming your way. Dream
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 9:30pm · Edited

    Devon Holder I am so sorry to hear of your loss, prayers sent to you!
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 9:04pm

    Maria Eutrenkin I am so very sorry that you lost this special girl. My deepest sympathy
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:43pm

    Patricia Rohde Dee Dee and Billy, I am so sorry. Dream was a wonder to watch, so beautiful and so full of Spirit. The love connection between you was so obvious to all who watched you. That Spirit will be carried on in you and her offspring.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:34pm

    Ann Ghiorso Sorry to hear about Dream. It was lovely to see the bond between you.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:34pm via mobile

    Paddy Berne I am so sorry DeeDee. Dream was a dog of a lifetime! I loved hearing about her at home – thank you for sharing your memories.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:24pm via mobile

    Linda Hause Dream was a very special dog and your bond was obvious. It was my pleasure and privilege to judge one of her 200 performances. We will all miss her. My thoughts are with you.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:22pm via mobile

    Kathryn Blink Dee Dee and Billy, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you. A new star in the heavens, but way too soon.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 8:11pm

    Kay Walker Dee Dee, we have never met but I watched you and Dream win your NOC a few years ago in LA. She was so amazing to watch and it was so obvious that she adored you and you her. She looked so special. I am sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:55pm

    Janet Naylor Incredibly sad for your loss of Dream. Always loved to watch her heel. She was a once in a million dog.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:53pm

    Sue Gibson So very sorry for your loss.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:24pm via mobile

    Katie McCormick The ultimate Golden Retriever. I’m so sorry.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:21pm

    Karen Thompson Dream and you were a huge inspiration to me. I loved watching the incredible chemistry between you two when you did a seminar in Minnesota a few years ago. Then a friend sent me a video of you and Dream at the NOI– that picture of perfection will never leave me and is in my mind every time I walk into a show ring. I’m so sorry for your loss and can’t imagine what a huge hole this has left in your life. Dream has left an enduring legacy though, as I’m sure there are many more people out there that she influenced in a very positive way too. She is a very special angel now and will be watching over you for sure.
    Like · Reply · July 21 at 7:20pm via mobile

  129. Patti Kostakis

    I miss everything about Dream. I think about her all the time and am grateful for all my memories to keep her alive in my heart forever. Sweet Dream….you will never be forgotten and will always be missed.


  130. Dee Dee Anderson

    Meg Callea post – She took many pictures of Dream. Thank you Meg for your facebook post.

    A special dog passed away last week. “Dream” was a very, very special Golden Retriever. If you follow this link //ddsdogtraining.com/wordpress/dogs/dream/ you will see why her name was so fitting, the record she and Dee Dee amassed was truly a dream. Many of you who don’t live on the West Coast may not know of Dream, I only know of her because I have had the pleasure of taking photos over the years of her many High in Trial wins, some of them with 200 scores; she had 32 of them in her life time. Her passing is truly a shock as the weekend before she won 3 High in Trial and 3 High Combined wins with two 199.5 scores. Dee Dee said on Friday evening after a show, in the parking lot she wobbled and went to the ground in her arms, Dee Dee’s husband was there and they knew there was nothing to do but hold her until she was gone…. I am posting this as a tribute to a special team, of which we may never see again. Silver, her daughter will hopefully have puppies in the near future and maybe puppy breath will help heal the broken hearts in the Anderson Family. Rest in Peace, dear sweet Dream.
    Share · July 22
    Lyn Vergati, Tammy Del Conte and 73 others like this.

    Laurie Rollins Thank you for posting Meg Callea
    July 22 at 9:52pm

    Robin Remondi Thank you Meg…..
    July 22 at 9:57pm via mobile

    Risë Quay Sad.
    July 22 at 9:57pm

    Kenneth Holder Thx meg..
    July 22 at 10:01pm via mobile

    Donna Truitt Yes, thank you. What an amazing team.
    July 22 at 10:04pm via mobile

    Jeff Dionne Sweet tribute Meg.
    July 22 at 10:09pm

    Suzanne Rapier thanks Meg for sharing. Lovely tribute!
    July 22 at 10:10pm

    Linda JavaHill Fitzmaurice I was glad to have seen her working and winning in Carmel a week ago. What a girl, and what an incredible team.
    July 22 at 10:12pm

    Merilynn Hurd Meg that is so sweet…..she was an amazing dog! RIP sweet baby girl. The dog world just lost a one of a kind dog! So sad …prayers and sympathies to your 2 legged family.
    July 22 at 10:15pm

    Sandi Olsen Beautifully said Meg. RIP sweet Dream…..
    July 22 at 10:16pm via mobile

    Beth Hilborn what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful dog!
    July 22 at 10:16pm

    Lorianne Amadeo bless her and her dog, how amazing,
    July 22 at 10:29pm

    Nancy Abplanalp I’m so sorry.
    July 22 at 10:32pm via mobile

    Gilda R. Turner what unbearable anguish to go through something so sudden like that and be so helpless. I feel so badly for her family. Thank you for letting us know.
    July 23 at 1:06am

    Terri Packard Lovely tribute Meg. Thank you.
    July 23 at 2:44am · 1

    Eduardo Becker Bless both, lovely words Meg.
    July 23 at 4:51am

    Sue MacMillan How very sad.
    July 23 at 5:03am

    Jeannie Gallent Lovely tribute. My heart goes out to them.
    July 23 at 6:06am

    Jennifer Scattini Nowell Beautiful, Meg…
    July 23 at 7:24am via mobile

    Jeremy Rauschert Very lovely and beautiful Dog. She blessed and gave peace and love to many in her years on earth here!
    July 23 at 8:15am

    Woof N Whinny Wow, she scored 200 32 times! Very impressive, for both trainer and dog! Plus High Combined with 199.5, wow again.
    July 23 at 8:19am

    Cathy English Thank you for posting. I am so sorry for the family.
    July 23 at 8:47am

    Rusty Bond My condolences to the family of Dream!
    July 23 at 10:38am

    Chris Pickup Sad for them all
    July 23 at 12:01pm

    Rosie Branaman So sorry for them. Mark Leamen lost his golden girl suddenly, also
    July 23 at 12:41pm

    Leslie Simis Bless her sweet heart…
    July 24 at 10:45am

    Julie Sandoval Godspeed Dream.
    July 24 at 10:54am

    Beverly Condon So sorry for the family’s loss. What a wonderful tribute Meg.
    July 24 at 11:20am

    Meg Callea An update. Silver, Dream’s daughter had puppies! There are 7 girls and 1 boy. All are doing well according to Dee Dee’s post. I hope they bring much joy to the Anderson family.
    August 13 at 4:10pm via mobile · 5

    Linda Dobbins Fantastic team – so sorry to hear of Dream’s passing
    August 13 at 4:21pm

    Nannette Newbury I had the honor of watching this team work. So sorry for this loss.
    August 13 at 4:28pm

    Joanne Jaytanie-Duncan Sleep softly sweet Dream!
    August 13 at 5:04pm · 1

    Meg Callea You can also see more of Dream on her memorial page. You words here really means so much to DeeDee and her family. //ddsdogtraining.com/dream/

    Dream Memorial
    A memorial to DD’s Dreams Do Come True
    August 19 at 1:28pm

    Toni L Linstedt That’s so sad. What a full short life she had.
    August 19 at 7:06pm

  131. Kathy Moore

    Your email about the passing of Dream has been on my computer for almost a year now. I have read it many times always wondering what I could say about Dream that would be more eloquent than that which you wrote. Today I decided to add my “comments” to your website.

    I just want you to know that the times in which I got to watch the Dream Team in the ring were not many but boy were they memorable. More often I saw Dee Dee and Dream working in the back yard and always marveled at the precision and animation of you two together.

    Getting to know about Dream through Chris’s writing, as well as yours, was very touching.

    What an ambassador of the breed!

    Missing you all,

    Kathy Moore, Mr. Higgy and Toots


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